Seeds. That’s It.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is especially challenging when you’re always on-the-go. A lot of snacks claim to be natural and healthy, but after reading some of the ingredients, I was in total shock — they are the opposite of healthy! I could not believe what I had been putting in my body for all these years, thinking it was to my benefit. Something had to be done!

I always loved snacking on seeds. Whether they were in my salad, at my desk, or in some sort of nut mix, they were always a quick and simple snack that I could rely on. I knew that I needed to start making something myself, though, because that way I would really know what I was consuming. After experimenting with different seeds and baking methods, I was finally comfortable with my seed snacks. I knew that they were from the earth and that’s it — no gimmicks, no preservatives, just hand crafted, Seeds & Love!

Making my seed crackers became a regular activity that made me feel happy inside and out. I knew I had something special when I started making batches that disappeared before I even had a chance to taste them! With the unwavering support of my family and friends, JoJo Bites was born!


My Original, My Everything, My Honey, My Sunshine, My Maple